5 Ways Resurrection Power Can Completely Transform Your Life

The death and resurrection of Jesus are the greatest events in history and these events continue to be an imperative part of daily life. But the resurrection is more than just an event that happened in history. It’s a source of power that you can experience in your own life every single day. Resurrection power is promised to every believer in Christ and we receive it in the same way that Jesus gave it.

That is by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the sake of our sins. The same resurrection power that brought Jesus from death to life is available to you, and if you channel it, you will see amazing transformation in your own life too. You can also use that power now. Your hope off the resurrection isn’t just for the future when you physically die and go to heaven; it’s also for now, and every day of your life. Here are five ways resurrection power can completely transform your life.

Resurrection Power Gets Us Through the Rough Times

No matter what you’re going through today, Jesus is there. The resurrection assures us of this. When nothing made sense and everything was hard, God worked it out for good – bringing the greatest blessing mankind would ever receive. We often grow the most during hard times. During those times, we have the opportunity to really press into God and go to a deeper level in our relationship with Him. Why? Because we have to. It’s our only choice if we want to make it through difficult situations. When we trust God, He gives us the comfort of knowing that He can work bad things out for good.

Resurrection Power is the Basis of Future Hope

The resurrection of Jesus changes everything and is the basis for future hope. Aside from the resurrection of Christ, we have no future hope. The apostle Paul explains that if Christ has not been raised then we, out of all people, are to be “pitied,” for our hope in Christ fails to extend beyond present life (1 Corinthians 15:19). But since Christ has been raised, we are those who can look death in the face knowing that it has no final victory, no lasting sting (1 Corinthians 15:54-55). Because Christ is risen, we have assurance that our efforts in sharing the gospel that Christ is risen is not pointless or without purpose, but will matter forever. Without the resurrection, we have no gospel, no salvation, no saving message and no future hope.

Resurrection Power Guards Our Lives Every Step

Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, God’s power will guard our lives every step. Often what we fear most isn’t the trial or hardships we’re facing now, but what we might face tomorrow. What if a trial is too much to endure? What if something devastates my faith and I walk away from Jesus? What if my children endure suffering? Life isn’t easy. In fact, life can be fierce, dangerous and heartbreaking. God doesn’t promise that our journey will be trouble free. But our inheritance is being guarded, and so are we. It’s been said many times before, but it still remains true: we may not know what the future holds, but we know Who holds out future. The same personal love that is keeping the inheritance for us is keeping us for the inheritance.

Resurrection Power Will Help You Take on the Impossible

In your daily life, you can expect the impossible. When Jesus died, the disciples thought everything was lost. But Jesus gave a glorious outcome and showed His disciples that He conquers death by His own death. Just as the resurrection itself was impossible for anyone but God, the power behind the resurrection will take you into that are impossible for you to deal successfully with on your own. You can expect God to challenge your faith when you ask for His resurrection power in your life, but know that if you trust Him, you’ll experience a greater life than you can imagine.

Resurrection Power Allows Us to Experience Peace

You don’t have to live with guilt and shame because of the resurrection’s power to forgive your sins. Ask God to give you the peace of knowing that you’re in a right relationship with Him. It’s important that you recognize that if you’re deliberately sinning against God, you can’t be in a right relationship with Him, so deal with your sin so it doesn’t block the peace God wants you to experience. If you want to experience the peace Jesus offers, you must come to Him on His terms, being willing to live the way He leads you to live. Every day, ask God for forgiveness of your sins, so you can enjoy true peace.

We have glorious hope in Christ through the power of His resurrection. We are offered a joyous message that He is not dead, He is risen. What a strength to know that because of His resurrection, God has promised us the power of forever life too – and it doesn’t start when we die. It started the moment we placed our faith in Jesus.

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