6 Things That Prove God Is Real

When people argue against God’s existence, hit them with these six proofs. They will stop doubters dead in their tracks.


What’s so amazing about water is that it is colorless, odorless, even tasteless but no living thing can exist without it. On Earth, there is a constant system of purification that recycles and reuses water, sustaining every living thing on our planet. How could God not play a role in this complex but amazing process?

The Human Brain

Did you know that the human brain processes more than a million messages a second, constantly deciding what’s important and what isn’t? According to Scientific American, across nearly seven million years, the human brain has tripled in size, with the most growth occurring in the past two million years. Through each phase, human intelligence evolves and we develop more important functions that help us communicate and create mind-blowing things that continue to amaze the generations before us. The evolution and complexity of our brain proves that there is a deliberate designer, who continues to deliver astonishing surprises.

The Complexity of Birth and Life

Life continues to be one of the greatest miracles. It’s hard to deny God’s reality when you think about the process of birth – that two beings can come together and create life, a process that is complex from the moment of conception. While there are over seven billion people living in this world, no person has the same finger print. While identical twins share the same genetic components, they are unique individuals. How can their not be a unique designer?


Look all around you –The animals, the flowers, the plants, the trees. Everything in nature has a purpose. Think about it. When one animal is removed from nature and the food chain, it disrupts something else in the chain. On the other hand, think about the flowers. While there are hundreds of thousands of flower species in the world, most of them cannot be eaten. God clearly placed certain things on Earth for necessity and other things for our own wonder and enjoyment.

The Bible

While there are a number of religious books, the Bible is unlike any other. Isn’t it amazing how 40 unrelated authors over a 2000 year period could create a book about God’s love for humanity, with a consistent voice and message? Author Tim Chaffey in the article “Unity of the Bible: Seven Compelling Evidences” writes it perfectly, explaining “[the Bible’s] words point unerringly to Christ, who works on the cross was ordained by God – the true author of the Bible – before the world began.” God worked through each of these authors from different walks of life to create one of the most beautiful books ever written.

The Son

Many skeptics will try to tell you that Jesus didn’t exist. But Jesus’ crucifixion is historical fact and his resurrection was documented by hundreds of witnesses. God, who sent down his only Son to save us from ourselves, continues to marvel and inspire billions. And after centuries of the Gospel’s message being questioned, even ridiculed, Christianity remains the dominant world religion and continues to grow in many parts of the world. This is no accident. Any believer can attest to how they’ve been changed by the Bible, prayer and their faith in God, a love no non-believer can ever take away.

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Source: beliefnet.com