5 Reasons the End Times are Upon Us Now

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It may come as a surprise to some, but many contemporary theologians and pastors believe that they are observing numerous signs in our culture that mirror the prophetic contents of the Bible.

People actually believe the end of the world is happening now? It’s true. Christians everywhere are starting to agree, siting sweeping moral decay, biblical disconnectedness, and ongoing violence in the Middle East as just a few of the markers. These prophecies were written thousands of years ago in the Old and New Testaments, so how can we be sure the end times are approaching?

Jesus told of his future second coming, but also stated that no one would know the day of His return. While Christians don’t know when, Jesus did reveal to the disciples some of the signs of the second coming. As tensions around the world have increased, the belief that the prophecies in the Bible are talking about modern day is increasingly common. Here’s why.

Chaos in the Middle East

In recent years, the situation in the Middle East region has been catching the eyes of many Biblical scholars. There seems to be an endless stream of tension between Israel and the surrounding countries without any end in sight. Instead, the strain only intensifies. Whether it is the ongoing struggle between the Palestinians and Israel or the growing threat of the Islamic State, there is a prophecy in the Bible that it supports. The Middle East conflicts are directly felt in the United States. No matter what else happens in the world, the Middle East seems to remain the ongoing focal point of world conflict. The good news is that the Bible also foretells of a time when world peace will ultimately reign the earth, however that is only after a period of intense war and suffering.

The Islamic State

The Middle East has other problems with the Islamic State’s bloodthirsty quest for power continues to rage on. Looking at their murderous events, some Bible experts will point out that the battles described in scripture are slated to take place in the Middle East. Experts are suspecting the possibility that the groundwork is currently being set for the fulfillment of the “Gog” and “Magog” battles that are referenced in the books of Ezekiel and Revelation.

Westerners have been shocked by the increasing Muslim extremism that is usually connect to ISIS. While most Muslims are not terrorists, there is the small majority of radicals that are causing the major problems in the Middle East. Continuing instability in this area is a fact, and the power that ISIS is gaining worries those who think the end times are coming.

Israel’s Reemergence

Another modern day event that peaks the interest of Bible experts is the 1948 reemergence of Israel, after a Jewish state was noticeably absent from the map for more than 19,000 years. Futurists, who see the majority of Bible prophecies as being currently unfulfilled, believe that the Old and New Testament scriptures predicted that the state of Israel would develop once again.

In Ezekiel 36:24, it states “for I will take you out of the nations; I will father you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land.” Futurists believe that this verse is clearly referencing the future restoration of Israel, unlike anything that unfolded prior to the end of the Holocaust and World War II. Modern-day Israel is seen as a “super sign” of the end of days.

Shifts in Morality

It’s no secret that American culture is changing at an alarming rate. Traditional understanding of marriage, transformation, family values, and the like are being replaced with more progressive views. This progression has some citizens worried that the enemy is gaining too much control around us.

The Bible states that “most people’s love will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12). The lawlessness of our culture is increasing and in turn creating a hostile atmosphere. As our culture has secularized and paganized, Christianity, the Church, and Christians have come under increasing attack as “intolerant bigots.” Jesus and Paul prophesied that the destruction of society is a sign that the end times are near.

Spread of the Gospel

Another supporting argument is that the Christian gospel continues to be spread in even the most remote and hard-to-reach geographic places throughout the world. This matters to Christians because Christ, after His resurrection, gave the disciples a direct command in Matthew 28:19 to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

Jesus also mentioned preaching of the scripture throughout the world earlier in the Book of Matthew as a sign of the end times. “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come,” Christ said in Matthew 24:14. This may throw some off, as we are excited to share the Word of God, but it can actually be a sign of something more

Clear Evidence

Whether or not you believe these signs there are many Christians who see these events as a sign of the end times. We can now better understand how certain viewpoints are formed and stand next to our fellow Christians during this time. Do you think the end times are on us now?

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Source: beliefnet.com