7 Strategies To Tackle Spiritual Fatigue


We’ve all been worn out, discouraged, uninspired, and just spiritually drained.

We pour into others, helping to fill the void within them. We invest in our families, marriages, workplaces, friendships, churches, and neighborhoods. But regrettably, we frequently do this when we are running low on energy. And at that point, in order to keep progressing and helping others, we discover that we need to regain our energy.

I’ll try to pour into you in this post… so that you may be strengthened, inspired, uplifted, and encouraged. You do that for other people, right? So you’ll be able to serve without losing a lot of energy going forward.

I’ll also provide an explanation for the question, “What Is a Spiritual Fatigue?” Because that is exactly what this is—your soul feeling depleted and in need of refueling. After that, I’ll provide you the resources you need to keep going forward while experiencing spiritual exhaustion and to deepen your faith.

Spiritual fatigue occurs when we experience weariness, exhaustion, and discouragement in our Christian path. We might even feel exhausted, defeated, and lacking in power. We’re exhausted spiritually and tired of trying. Everyone who practices religion occasionally experiences spiritual tiredness.

Carrying around discomforts disappointments, misunderstanding, and worries has worn us out. When we are spiritually worn out, we prioritize problems over fixes. It’s similar to wearing glasses in that what “appears” enlarged or larger depends on where we direct our attention.

The good news is that spiritual exhaustion may only be a short-term issue. As a result, it is not a problem that should depress us over the long term.

We need to shift our attention when under extreme pressure in life. A violent storm caused Peter, one of Jesus’ apostles, to get out of a boat in Matthew 14 and walk on water. He only began to sink when he lost sight of his source of power and began to exaggerate the issue. Or, to put it another way, don’t look down since that’s when we start to sink (in a bad way).

There are some issues we create for ourselves, in which case the advice “don’t look down!” might not be appropriate. Instead, seek assistance from your spiritual source.

The strategy we use to regain our power and attention when confronted with a challenging scenario and feeling spiritually depleted begins here. By concentrating on answers and, in all cases, “Don’t look down!”

Set aside time for prayer, meditation, and scripture reading to comfort us in our trying circumstances. Additionally, repeating encouraging statements can energize us and prevent the onset of spiritual fatigue.

5 Reasons Spiritual Fatigue

1. Lose Losing anything important to us—a career, a friend, or a loved one—can set us on a path toward spiritual exhaustion.

2. Conflict Conflict can wear us out spiritually, especially when it occurs in the home, family, or any other setting where we give our best.

3. One cause of spiritual stress is a lack of control—when we rely on by others but unable to provide solutions. Another is when our emotions are out of control and we are powerless over how we respond to those who have wronged us and other circumstances we detest.

4. Sickness: When we are sick, we don’t feel like engaging in the activities that maintain our physical fitness and that affects us spiritually.

5.Expectation. Expectations occur when we have prayed about something for a while but do not experience the improvements we desire. If we allow it, it may lead to spiritual fatigue.

We should give our habits, spiritual practices, and relationships with others some thought if we want to control or get rid of spiritual fatigue. Unpleasant, traumatic events, setbacks, and illnesses should not hold us captive and prevent us from enjoying life.

We must have faith in God. He will assist us in our spiritual healing so that we might be renewed and equipped to carry out His divine plan.

7 Strategies to tackle Spiritual Fatigue

Many believe that prayer alters events. Prayer, in my opinion, affects “EVERYTHING!” In many of my prayer sessions, I experience an unexplainable tranquility. Additionally, I feel energized as though I have been filled up to pour into the lives of others. It can be challenging, especially if you’re feeling spiritually drained, but the rewards far exceed the downsides.


It is a method where you train your mind to concentrate on a specific thing, activity, or line of thought. In order to attain mental clarity, emotional calmness, and a solid frame of mind. It enables us to concentrate our attention and awareness.

For Christians, the Bible is their lifeblood, and they turn to it for guidance in all circumstances. It is where we turn to for support, guidance, and general “hearing from God.” It is essential for overcoming spiritual fatigue. It serves as a gentle reminder that there will be a time for reaping.

We declare what the Bible (God’s holy book) says about our life as Christians when we use powerful affirmations. In our hearts, we claim ownership of it. It supports us in overcoming any self-restraining habits or attitudes we might have, as well as spiritual exhaustion, stress, and anxiety. Whether you identify as a Christian or not, the combination of optimistic thinking and self-empowerment is effective. It helps people develop the idea that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.”

Songs and music are effective instruments for overcoming spiritual fatigue, whether you are singing songs of worship or saying words of power and positive affirmation. Sing in the shower in the morning or crank up the music in the car as you go! Sing till your spirit is touched deeply by the moving words of your song.

Your problems can be shared in confidence to a spiritual counselor. They might impart knowledge to you that can help you to sail the rough waters of spiritual fatigue and emerge spiritually stronger. Additionally, they could share recommendations based on their own knowledge and assist you in avoiding their mistakes. Having a resource in someone who has successfully traveled the path we want to take is a blessing.

There is always the feeling that you are fighting this battle alone and that no one else understands when you are battling with spiritual fatigue. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Make an effort to surround yourself with individuals you can confide in when you’re feeling down or afraid. They might provide you with a partner to help you complete the remaining steps to get over spiritual fatigue. Scripture reading (Bible study), prayer, group meditation, positive affirmations, and song-singing are all options.

Go somewhere that encourages physical and mental comfort in order to combat spiritual fatigue. Take a run, a walk in the park, or go fishing. Sleep in or take a nap when you can. You’ll be astonished by how minor events and deeds may revitalize your entire being.