7 Essential Goals of a Godly Woman

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Godly Woman is a woman who seeks to know, love and serve God, to live joyfully and in abundant grace and strength. There are seven essential goals to which a Godly Woman aspires:

The first goal of a Godly Woman: know that God is Love and mirror that Love to others

To be “godly” doesn’t mean to aspire to be a “God” but, rather, to act in a way that reflects God’s love. God’s love is often called “Agape Love.” It is completely selfless and cannot be earned, bought, traded, or sold. Agape love is unconditional love.

The second goal of a Godly Woman: set priorities

We know that we ought to find time for God, but few of us take the time to make a goal of setting the right priorities. We juggle, we fret, we get into a groove and we coast, all the while wanting, needing, and understanding how important our relationship with God is and that it should be our first priority. A Godly woman puts God “on her calendar” before any other commitments.

The third goal of a Godly Woman: trust in God, His timing and His Wisdom

Fear is the opposite of trust. It is a four-letter word and has no real place in a Christian’s vocabulary because of its implication of one’s lack of trust in God. Fear is a four letter word that creates an atmosphere where evil lives—another four letter word!

The only way to combat fear is to make a conscientious point of trusting God. Trusting God is being able to say, “I live to love, honor, and serve Him and all that He has in store for me is completely right for me.”

Trust allows us to release feelings of jealousy, anxiety, rage, or hurt. Trust translates into the realization that God’s plan is far superior than anything we could come up with on our own.

The fourth goal of a Godly Woman: persevere

Perseverance is taking on an attitude of diligence in whatever circumstances a woman finds herself. It doesn’t rely on a handwritten note from God. It is in recognizing that there are some very basic behaviors that we are called to display, regardless of situation. We should always persevere towards kindness, love, compassion and other virtuous behaviors. We don’t need to know God’s plan to know this is what we ought to do. Perseverance is the way in which we show God, on a daily basis, that our strength comes from Him and with Him we can do whatever He is calling us to do, even (or especially) when we do not have the answers.

The fifth goal of a Godly Woman: watch your words

Many hundreds of years ago, in a Jewish village, was a man who had spoken quite poorly to his neighbor. One day this man began to feel regret over his unkind words and went to see his rabbi. “Rabbouni, I have made a terrible mistake. I have spoken terribly to my neighbor and made things worse by saying bad things about my neighbor’s character to others. What should I do?”

The rabbi thought for a while and then said, “You have to go back to your home and take your bed pillow and walk to the edge of our village where I want you to open up the pillow and shake the feathers out into the wind. When you have done this, please come back to see me.”

It took the man many hours to do what the Rabbi suggested. Exhausted, but pleased that he had followed the rabbi’s instructions perfectly, the man returned and said, “Rabbouni, I have done what you asked. I have spent many hours walking from one place to another and have released all the feathers of my pillow out into the winds. They have been taken far and wide.”

“Perfect,” the rabbi responded. “Now go gather the feathers back.”

To which the man gasped. “Gather them back!?! Why, that is impossible to do. How can you ask such a thing?”

Revealing great wisdom and understanding the rabbi replied, “And so it is with your words. Once uttered, they are impossible to retrieve.”

The sixth goal of a Godly Woman: letting go when necessary

Godly Women understand that giving the present over to the past robs God of the work that could be done for His kingdom, today.

There is no one among us who is not wounded in some way or another. Yes, some more so than others and yet it is in our “woundedness” that we can fully embrace what Christ offers: hope and healing. If we stay rooted in the past, we say “no thanks” to the balm of the Cross.

As Women of God we choose to let go so that we can move on and be instruments for His glory. In so doing, we are able to step towards Him who heals us and lay our hurts and angers and “baggage” at the foot of the Cross.

The seventh goal of a Godly Woman: remember that you are a daughter of the King

Accepting who we are as daughters of the King is a noble endeavor. Godly Women are Daughters of the King and fill myriad roles with faith and hope and trust. Jesus spoke to women and they understood the things of God. A Daughter of the King has an inherent worth that she does well to embrace and enjoy. She does not relinquish her status as Princess but, rather, receives it graciously as a gift and lives accordingly.

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