5 Biblical Lessons from the Book of Genesis

The word genesis is derived from the Greek word which means beginning or origin. The Book of Genesis is one of the first written records that capture God’s interaction with mankind. It’s relatively easy to get caught up in the logistics of God’s power, but it’s important to identify the valuable doctrines. Ultimately Genesis takes us to beginning where we see God as the creator and provides insight on the origin and purpose for mankind.

To quickly summarize Genesis into two main parts one would say the first 11 chapters talk about the history of the world before Abraham and the next 39 chapters deal with the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Genesis highlights God’s involvement with the descendants of Abraham.

Genesis is filled with a whirlwind of drama that serves to be very relatable to our present time. The scripture provides us with a deeper understanding for mankind. While we can’t justify our selfish acts and sin, through Genesis Christians can identify a deeper understanding of what God ultimately wanted to achieve by creating man. As you read through Genesis you may be overwhelmingly surprised and enlightened to discover many ways you can use the lessons presented in Genesis as inspiration to live a more faith oriented life. Take these lessons and try to find ways you can help make God’s creation a bigger success.

Respect the Creator

Many theorists and scientists may refute the idea of God as the creator of the world. However, the Bible never opens up the debate as to whether or not His existence is real or not. In fact, His existence is based on the ideals and beliefs of the believer entirely. Obviously the universe did not create itself and without any real justification and theoretical evidence that is absolutely concrete, there is no way we can say that God didn’t create everything.

It’s important that today we do not allow things to become out of hand to where we lose sight of our creator. We flip on a switch and lights come on, we open the fridge and there is food in it, and we go to the store and purchase items that we need. There are so many luxuries that we have on a daily basis that often times go unnoticed; however it’s important to reflect on your day-to-day and thank your creator making everything possible. Communicate through prayer and let God know how happy and grateful you are for the abundant amount of blessings you have in your life.

God Means What He Says

There are many instances within Genesis, and the Bible in general, when God says that He will do something and always follows through. All that God asks is that we be obedient and patient. In many cases, like in the story of Abraham, God needs His children to understand that He will always be by their side to provide them with the tools they’ll need to get back onto their feet.

We get frustrated with God at times because we expect Him to respond immediately and be at our beckon call, but we should exercise patience. As followers of God, we must come together and understand that God has heard us but He believes that we are all problem solvers. When we’ve figured out how to cope, He’ll then provide the tools we need to resolve the issue. As Christians, we must have full confidence and faith that God will provide us with everything that we need. He means what he says and we need to remember that the world was not created in one day therefore, we cannot expect God to fix out problems at the blink of an eye.

Man is Free

Even though God created man, He never shackled man down – in fact, He gave man freedom to be his own individual. The story of Adam and Eve is a prime example where God gives man the opportunity to obey or disobey. Even though God gives everyone tools to make their own decisions, that doesn’t necessarily mean that man can decide what is right or unjust. Instead God still is the only true being that can, or should, judge others because he was the creator and has that standing right.

Genesis touches on key elements about God and hell. It’s important to understand that God doesn’t send people to hell. However, He instead gives them the choice to do right and enter heaven or do wrong and enter into hell. Either way the choice is that of man’s. However, God also instills and offers forgiveness of sins. Even if you chose against God’s wishes, He will always forgive you for your actions.

Human Beings and Their Soul

Genesis 2:7 says, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the break of life; and man became a living soul.” Many people question whether or not a human being is separate from a soul. Genesis reiterates that a human being is a soul – man does not have a separate soul residing inside of him. Genesis helps us understand that there isn’t an immortal soul inside each person. Everyone does in fact have a soul, but it is mortal and can die and does die.

Man must understand that their freewill allows them to justify what they will and won’t do. It’s important to not place that toll on the shoulders of God, when He Himself has sacrificed a great deal. We must all accept that we are the ones who guide our own souls and make the decisions that affect where we will end up – heaven or hell. Own your actions and do not allow yourself to place blame on others. If you’re strong enough to come up with the idea then you must also possess the will to perpetuate what will happen in the end.

From the Beginning

The Book of Genesis provides us with the real history of where it all began – man, earth and the freewill that we all possess. It’s important to understand that we are individuals and God intended for us to carry out our life in that nature. While He idealistically would love us all to be obedient and patient, He understands that the reality of that will not be across the board. Therefore, he forgives us for our sins. The Book of Genesis makes it clear that God never intended for us to operate as robots.

He wanted us to have feelings, experience emotions, live our day-to-day and overall to be good citizens. After reading Genesis, we should all take away the understanding that God is our creator and will always be by our side and provide the tools necessary to live our everyday life. Whenever you need a reminder where it all began, read Genesis and reflect on where we all began.

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