10 Family Prayers

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A significant portion of most of our lives is spent supporting and caring for our family. You could feel the need to pray for the people in your life, be it your spouse, kids, or extended relatives.

For you to pray for your family, you must make requests to God on their behalf and express gratitude when those prayers are granted.

You probably worry a lot for your family during these challenging times that many of us are facing at the moment.

You could worry about your finances and being able to make on-time payments on your bills. You may require courage to confront and handle some health-related issues. Your worries might involve deeper concerns about the security of your family.

No matter how precise or broad your concerns may be, offering family prayers entails speaking up for the people who mean the most to you. You can find peace of mind and support through trying times by confessing your worries or fears to God.

You can opt to say your prayers aloud or in silence. Sometimes, expressing our worries aloud is an effective way to do so.

These 10 family prayers might provide your family the support and encouragement they need to face challenges or simply get through each day. These prayers can be recited either privately or as a family.

1. Clarity

Please, Lord

Our family is battling fear and uncertainty. Your power and strength are essential to our lives. We need to feel at ease and at peace with you. Please embrace us and carry us with your love.

I offer my prayers for my marriage and my kids. For each member of my family, I offer prayers. You are aware of the specific requirements and worries we all have. Give us all the courage we need to keep moving forward and comfort us as we proceed on this path to life.

I’m grateful, Lord.


2. Wisdom

Dear God,

Give us the discernment to decide what is best for our family.

Give us the fortitude to rely on you even when there are no obvious solutions.

Give us encouragement to continue despite the challenges we face.

We are grateful that you listened and answered our prayers.

We appreciate your unwavering protection and peacefulness.

Amen, in your name.

3. Strength

Heavenly Father,

In these trying times, Father, we pray to you. It’s simple to lose hope when individuals are ill and fighting to make ends meet.

Give us the courage and fortitude to persevere in the face of everything that is going on around us. Help us to focus on you rather than our challenges. We need comfort and encouragement to get through.

4. Unity

Lord Jesus,

My family is having trouble coming together as a unit. We all seem to be dragged in so many different directions. I’m requesting that you reunite us as we ought to be.

Give us the resolve to depend on one another and, most importantly, on you. Every member of our family is in my prayers. Help the family as a whole and each of us individually.

5. Difficult Circumstances

Lord God,

Now more than ever, my family needs assistance. Under such trying conditions, it’s quite tough for us to continue. Our lives are experiencing a lot of simultaneous failures due to a multitude of factors.

Give us the courage to carry on. Give everyone of us the motivation to keep moving forward. I’ll keep in mind the promises you made in Proverbs 18:10. Help me to keep in mind that even in these trying times, I can always rely on my God.

6. Guidance

God, please

I’m exhausted. I’m so worn out that I want to give up. Please revive me and give me the energy I need to take care of my family. You already know how much I adore them, but preserving harmony may be challenging.

Teach me how to interact with and care for my family more effectively. Give me the courage I need to keep going by encouraging, leading, and guiding me.

7. Adversity

Never stop telling us who you are and what you are capable of. You are more powerful than all of our challenges or concerns. You provide the ideal example of perseverance in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Give our family the resolve it needs to unite as a family should. Give everyone of us comfort and enable us to comfort one another.

Amen, in the name of Jesus.

8. Comfort and Protection

Please, Lord

You have our family’s strength, comfort, and safety in mind. We humbly ask that you direct each of our steps as we go about our daily lives. We have no idea what each of our lives will bring, but you do.

Go ahead of us and build a straight route for us. Give us the discernment to make the best decisions. Give us the perseverance to carry on when life gets challenging. We will have faith in who you are and the fact that nothing is impossible for you. We appreciate everything you’ve done and will do for us.

9. Parent’s Prayer

Please, Lord

I’m asking you to support my kids. They are vulnerable young people who are scared by is taking place in the world. May my children benefit from your strength and power.

During this period of terror and uncertainty, comfort them. Give them the courage to face each day with confidence and peace. You advise us to cast all of our worries on him because he cares for us in 1 Peter 5:7. We are resting in the strength of your words and the knowledge that you genuinely care about us.

10. Gratitude

I’m here to talk on my family’s behalf. Each of us has a wide range of needs. You are aware of and know each one.

Send your love all around me. Help me to find refuge in your magnificence and might to regain my own strength and my family’s power.

Help us to always express our thanks for everything you have done thus far and for the things we hope you will accomplish in the future.


It might be challenging to maintain strength and confidence when things are difficult. Praying for your family can bring the comfort and strength needed to go through tough times. A crucial part to supporting your family to a healthier, more joyous lives might be prayer.

Save these family prayers on your computer, phone, or even a piece of paper. When you need to connect with God, say these prayers aloud or with a family member.